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AquaSizers Pool Co
Residential Customer Closing Scheduling Program


Standard Pool Closing Includes:

  1. Winterize all equipment (filter, pump, chlorinator, heater, salt generator, etc.)
  2. Winterize skimmers
  3. Blow out all lines (skimmer, returns, deck jets, etc.)
  4. Add antifreeze to lines (antifreeze sold separately)
  5. Remove ladders & handrails (if applicable)
  6. Lower water level
  7. Turn off timer trips/schedules (if applicable)
  8. Brushing, skimming & vacuuming the pool (30 min max included)
  9. Install and/or close cover & cover pump (if applicable)
  10. Test & balance chemicals (pH, Alkalinity & Chlorine)*
  11. Guarantee against freeze damage (lines & equipment)


*chemicals must be close to normal ranges prior to closing or may require a return trip at an additional charge



  • Weekends are not available for closings
  • If your pool and all equipment is not completely open access and no one will be home the day of service, please call the office to discuss specific arrangements.
  • Should you not receive a confirmation email or phone call from us within 2 business days, please contact the office as we may not have received your closing request form.


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  • September
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  • November
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  • December
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  • If you would like to request a specific day, or someone needs to be home for access, please notate here

  • Choose your Pool Closing Service
  • Standard Pool Opening w/ No Cover = $175.00
    Equipment Winterize & Chemical Check ONLY = $125.00
    Standard Pool Closing w/ Automatic Cover = $210.00
    Standard Pool Closing w/ Anchor Cover = $225.00
    Standard Pool Closing w/ Waterbag Cover = $250.00
    Closing Kit ($49.95) – Required for all closings
    Clean salt cell
    Deck Jets = $10.00/ea
    Slides = $10.00/ea
    Waterfalls = $10.00/ea
    Spa Drain & Clean = $50.00
    Liner Replacement
    Sandblast & Re-plaster
    Pool Cover
    Automatic Pool Cleaner
    Computer / Autmation
    Water Features



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