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Residential Customer Opening Scheduling Program


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Standard Pool Opening Includes:

  1. Clean and store the cover (and water bags if applicable)
  2. Pull all plugs and gizmos from skimmers, jets and equipment
  3. Brush, skim and vac pool (30 min max included)
  4. De-winterize and start up all equipment (pump, filter, heater, autofill, etc.)
  5. Re-install ladders/handrails (if accessible)
  6. Re-install automatic cleaner (if accessible)
  7. Screw down anchors (if applicable)
  8. Test fire heater (if requested)
  9. Check and do initial balance attempt (chemicals sold separate)


Our pool opening web schedule as indicated below is now full. If you would like to schedule your pool opening, please call our office at 316-264-7665.



Weekends are not available for openings
If your pool and all equipment is not completely open access and no one will be home the day of service, please call the office to discuss specific arrangements.


Should you not receive a confirmation email or phone call from us within 2 business days, please contact the office as we may not have received your opening request form.


  • First Name *
  • Last Name *
  • Email *
  • Phone *
  • Street Address *
  • City *
  • State *
  • Zip *
  • How did you hear about us? *

  • Choose a Week for your Pool Opening *

  • March
  • 2nd Week (3/7-3/11)
    3rd Week (3/14-3/18)
    4th Week (3/21-3/28)
    5th Week (3/28-4/1)
  • April
  • 1st Week (4/4-4/8)
    2nd Week (4/11-4/15)
    3rd Week (4/18-4/22)
    4th Week (4/25-4/29)
  • May *
  • 1st Week (5/2-5/6)
    2nd Week (5/9-5/13)
    3rd Week (5/16-5/20)
    5th Week (5/30-6/3)
  • June
  • 1st Week (6/6-6/10)
    2nd Week (6/13-6/17)
    3rd Week (6/20-6/24)
  • December
  • 1st Week
    2nd Week
  • If you would like to request a specific day, or someone needs to be home for access, please notate here

  • Choose your Pool Opening Service

  • Standard Pool Opening w/ No Cover = $175.00
    Equipment De-Winterize/Start Up & Chemical Check ONLY = $125.00
    Standard Pool Opening w/ Automatic Cover = $210.00
    Standard Pool Opening w/ Mesh Anchor Cover = $225.00
    Standard Pool Opening w/ Waterbag Cover = $250.00
  • *prices are for 20x40 or smaller pools. Pools larger than 20x40 or commercial pools are by estimate only

  • Special Request Options

  • Opening Kit ($49.95) – Required for all openings
    Clean salt cell
    Turn heater on, check functions and turn off
    Turn heater on, check functions and set temperature
    Deck Jets = $10.00/ea
    Slides = $10.00/ea
    Waterfalls = $10.00/ea
    Spa Drain & Clean = $50.00
  • *Additional Labor Cost = $26.25 per ½-hour.
    *Cover must have water removed prior to technician’s arrival.
    *Water level must be raised to the TOP of the skimmer prior to technician’s arrival.
    *Any repairs requested must be noted at time of scheduling or it may require a separate service call.
    *AquaSizers cannot guarantee the pool will be ready to swim after the opening. If a return trip is required, the customer will be contacted for approval. Full Maintenance = $50.00 or Chemical Check Only = $35.00.
    *AquaSizers does not warranty against staining or scaling.
    *If the pool was winterized when the pool had algae or other infestation, AquaSizers is not responsible for algae removal when opened as part of normal opening procedures. Please contact the office to discuss algae repair/removal prior to scheduling.
    NOTE: If the cover has been pumped off and the water level has not been raised to the top of the skimmer by the homeowner prior to the technician arriving, there will be an additional charge of $95.00 for a return trip to start the filtration system. To avoid this extra charge, we suggest that the cover be pumped off the day prior to our arrival (or the day of) and the water level be raised by placing a garden hose under the pool cover and raising the water level to the top of the skimmer so that after vacuuming the pool, the water level will be at its normal operating level and the system can be started.

  • Delivery Items Requested
  • Cal Hypo Shock (25 lb bucket)
    Cal Hypo Shock (50 lb bucket)
    Refresh Shock, 1lb bags(24/case)
    3” Chlorine Tablets (25 lb bucket)
    3” Chlorine Tablets(50 lb bucket)
    Pool Salt (40 lb bag)
    Algaecide (1 quart)
    Clarifier (1 quart)
    Muriatic Acid (1 gallon)
    Soda Ash (25 lb bag)
    Sodium Bicarb (25 lb bag)
    DE Powder (25 lb box)
    Telescopic Pole
    Skimmer Basket
    Skimmer Net (Leaf Net)
    Backwash Hose
  • Are there any other items you may need that are not listed?

  • Additional Services Available

  • Please select any items you would like to receive a free estimate on
  • Caulking
    Liner Replacement
    Sandblast & Re-plaster
    Pool Cover
    Automatic Pool Cleaner
    Computer / Automation
    Water Features
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